Skin Chemistry Brand Development + Communication

Skin Chemistry is a direct-to-consumer online skin care brand with the mission of making clinical grade skin care more accessible through online ordering, value-based pricing and a monthly subscription option.

This project began with a deep-dive into the crowded market space of skin care and consumer research on what target demographic fit the product’s offering the best and what motivated them. This knowledge was leveraged as the basis for naming exploration, identity and packaging design. Each step of the brand development process included gathering research and input on what decisions were most relevant and motivating to the product and the audience.

To support the accessibility of the brand and as a reflection of values that our target audience expressed, a photo/video shoot with influencers who tested the formulas in the line was created to boost the authenticity of the brand by showing real people with real results. The shoot involved concept development, production, art direction, retouching and video editing.

This imagery and video was leveraged on the brand’s website and also in the popular social media feed to announce the official launch of the line. Additional social media posts highlighting ingredients and the science behind the formulas was created to help educate those considering a purchase.