A company of one or many. Founded and lead by Michelle Lee, Must Be Clever is a hands-on, full-service strategy + design firm. Our services are scaled up and down, through strategic partnerships to align with each client’s specific needs. Giving you direct access to the best people for what you need at the right price.

Michelle has developed, lead and produced brand, product and identity development, creative marketing and communications plans for over 15 years. Accomplished in both digital and traditional mediums, her experience spans industries as varied as education, tourism, hotels & resorts, consumer goods, restaurant, food & beverage, electronics & technology, real estate development and beauty.

Whether you are a a small start-up or a well-established brand looking for something fresh, Clever can work with you to deliver effective solutions for all of your product development, branding and marketing needs.



Work with a creative professional who genuinely cares about getting to the right solution for you. No matter what the task is, you can count on 100% commitment, care and attention. When you believe that your work is your reputation, nothing less than the best will do.


Building a true partnership is the best way to create an identity and message that will resonate with you and your audience. Working closely with the creative who will be fulfilling your needs ensures that the end result is connected to the heart of your product or service.


Working directly with a creative professional creates the right environment for solutions that align with your brand’s personality and voice. An agile and collaborative workflow allows for more work to be produced faster on a smaller budget. Why not see what your dollar can get you?



Every project starts with learning about you and your services or products. Getting to know who you are, what you deliver, and what you stand for helps to define your brand’s personality and what your design and marketing needs are based on your specific offering and goals.


This stage is where creative experience and excellence count. I work directly with you to bring your project to life as we create the vision for your product or service that will resonate with your audience and deliver results.


After we have developed your project’s plan and established its creative vision, I assemble an accomplished and capable team of partners and vendors to complete your project’s deliverables on time and on budget. 


Commitment doesn’t stop when creative is delivered. Let’s continue to work together to establish future goals, measure the success of current tactics, and continually improve and grow your brand, messaging and activations as your products and services evolve over time.


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